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There’s no need to buy a house on the shore when your yacht is a BeachClub

Yacht buyers less interested in transatlantic crossings with a dozen friends and a crew of 25 than having room to party and relax have a new alternative with the Van der Valk BeachClub 600. A clever use of space on the 62.5-foot yacht frees up uncommon amounts of interior and exterior space.

Van der Valk announced the BeachClub concept with graphics for the smallest design in the range. Two larger versions include the 67.3-foot BeachClub 660 Flybridge and 98.5-foot BeachClub 1000. The latter is the only vessel that qualifies for superyacht status,  generally accepted as 24.3 meters (80 feet) or longer.

The big trick in freeing up space aboard the vessels is ditching the traditional engine room, usually located aft just forward of the swimming platform. The builder’s patent-protected design installs the propulsion system in the same area as the swimming platform area.

The BeachClub 600 gets its power from two 10.8L Volvo Penta D11B2-A MP six-cylinder engines with IPS-950 drive units with a combined 725 horsepower. The Volvo Penta IPS (integrated propulsion system) includes helm station control, the engine, and the propellers in an efficient, space-saving design. The BeachClub isn’t the only vessel to use Volvo Penta IPS’s, they have been around for a while, but Van der Valk has taken full advantage of the IPS space-saving aspect.

According to Volvo Penta, in addition to space the IPS engines, which do away with inboard drive shafts, provide 40 percent longer cruising range, 20 percent higher top speed, 30 percent reduced fuel consumption, 30 percent fewer CO2 emissions, and 50 percent lower perceived noise. Sounds like a win from every angle — unless you drive big yacht drive shafts. The BeachClub’s cruising speed is 19.2 knots, and her maximum speed is 24 knots. Onboard tanks hold 925 gallons of fuel and 198 gallons of water.

The BeachClub’s moderate V, hard chine hull and superstructure (the upper part) are both aluminum. The beam is 18 feet at its widest part.

In addition to a spacious 269-square foot foredeck (the upper forward deck), there is a 183-square foot cockpit deck and a 151-square foot beach club aft — aka swimming platform. All of these areas are proportionally larger than usual, especially for a relatively small yacht.

Inside, there is a forward owner’s suite with wraparound windows and a large lower deck lounge with galley and dining areas and direct access to the swimming area through curved glass sliding doors. In addition there are two twin bed staterooms for guests. There is also space for a single crew member, apparently, all that is required to run the yacht.

The BeachClub 600’s emphasis is on space to party and chill with an open design that encourages informal style.

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