Vending machine longs for hugs, dispenses free Coke in return

Vending-machine-longs-for-hugs,-gives-Coke-and-a-smile-in-returnCoca-Cola machines have been dolling out caffeine-induced smiles for decades now, and asking precious little in return. So, isn’t it about time we start returning the love to those big, red machines? While the thought of sprinting down the hallway and hugging the Coke machine in your office break room may sound silly – and slightly embarrassing – you might want to consider it. Thanks to a new marketing campaign by Coke, a handful of new vending machines are popping up that will dispense sugary goodness for no more than a sweet embrace.

One of the most successful companies in the world, Coca-Cola have long been known for catchy commercials and promotions. From the company’s legendary 1980 Superbowl “hey kid catch” ad featuring, then Pittsburg Steelers defensive tackle, “Mean” Joe Green, to its “Northern Lights” commercials featuring animated polar bears (remember “Always Coca-Cola”?), Coke has created wildly successful and remarkably unforgettable ads throughout its history.

The latest marketing wizardry from Coke, part of the company’s “Open Happiness” campaign, sees the soft drink giant teaming up with global ad firm Oglivy & Mather and introducing the world to these hug-hungry machines – starting in Singapore.

The promotion, which is pretty genius in truth, is as simple as it sounds. Ordinary looking Coke machines were placed in busy public spaces with signs that read “Hug Me.” Curious passerby’s that were brave enough to embrace the machine received a free Coke.

According to the ad firm, the campaign was a huge success, with “four to five people hugging the machine at the same time as well as each other.” Plans to implement the marketing campaign and roll out similar machines across Asia are expected to take place, however, no word on whether the promotion will make it to western shores.

What do you think? Would you hug a Coke machine in public for a free drink? Sound off in the comments section below.

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