Video: Chinese man goes to work in a full Iron Man suit


The Chinese are geeky too! Gizmodo reports that ZTE employee Wang XiaoKang was so inspired by the first Iron Man movie that he spent three months building his own Mark I suit and when it was completed, he wore it to work for a day. He spent about 3,000 yuan (about $460 U.S.) on the costume, which almost looks better than the real thing.

Weighing 110 pounds, the suit has its own cooling fan, LED lights, and custom arc reactor in it. The ZTE campus security guards were shocked, to say the least. After all, can you really keep a building secure from a man in an Iron Man suit? XiaoKang is currently working on a Mark III suit, which should be more form fitting and look more like the Iron Man we all know and love. Let’s hope he doesn’t try to build a suit that transforms into a briefcase.