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Virgin Electronics Silver Dollar MP3 Player

The silver-dollar-sized wearable MP3 player weighs just half an ounce and is ideal for people who love to enjoy music on the go. The 256MB Wearable MP3 Player is just $99 and can hold four hours of digital music. Last fall, Virgin Electronics introduced the 128MB Wearable MP3 Player which is priced today at $79. Both products are available at and on consumer electronics retail stores nationwide.

“Good things come in small packages, and the new Virgin Electronics 256MB Wearable MP3 Player is no exception,” said Joe Sipher, senior vice president of marketing at Virgin Electronics. “The Wearable MP3 players are incredibly easy to use as they come with a USB cable that transfers music and charges the lithium-ion batteries all at the same time.”

Virgin Silver Dollar MP3 Player

The Wearable 256MB Player holds roughly 80 songs and 128MB MP3 Player holds about 40 songs. Both include one of the simplest interfaces ever devised. The Virgin Electronics Wearable MP3 Players do not need complicated software or even a power adaptor. Consumers just plug the players into their PC or Mac USB ports to load songs and charge the devices, all at the same time with the same cables. Two simple buttons turn the player on and off, skip songs and control volume. The Wearable MP3 Players come with an armband and stylish white earbuds. Consumers can also attach any standard headphones to the Wearable MP3 Players.

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