Wicked Laser’s LaserSaber lets you live out your Jedi fantasies

Wicked Laser LaserSaberWay back in 2010, when Wicked Laser’s Spyder 3 Arctic laser hit the headlines for being powerful enough to do serious harm, it was noted how similar the laser’s hilt was to a certain laser sword favored by the Jedi. Even Lucasfilm had a moan about it, but at the time didn’t press the issue, however we can see that changing with the new LaserSaber accessory.

The LaserSaber is a 32-inch shaft that attaches to one of Wicked Laser’s Arctic or Krypton models, and evenly distributes the beam inside to give a solid, sword-like look. It’s made of 1/8-inch thick polycarbonate and uses a magnetic ball to provide the power-up and power-down effect.

You can see how it looks in the demonstration video below, where two men in cloaks (one is possibly a lawyer for Lucasfilm) battle it out using the LaserSaber, but if you’ve got similar aspirations and are already grabbing your credit card, there are a few things you need to know first.

Wicked Laser says that they shouldn’t be used in any type of “fencing or swordplay” and that they can cause significant damage to “people, pets and property.”

This isn’t some hollow warning either, as the laser inside really is dangerous. A pair of safety glasses — but instead of those silly looking clear pairs you find in labs, these look like sunglasses — are included with every order and must be worn when using the laser, as even a reflection of the beam could cause damage to your eyes.

A member of the FDA told MaximumPC.com, when they reviewed the Arctic laser, that they pose “a significant health risk, including blinding and skin burn.” Ouch.

If you’re happy to accept those risks, and want to own a LaserSaber, they start at $389 and move up to $1069 depending on which laser you choose.