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With Hoyo, smartphone addicts may never get out of the shower

with hoyo smartphone addicts may never get out of the shower 4

If you can’t even take a shower without having your smartphone close by, then a) you have a problem, and b) you have a problem. Problem ‘a’ centers around how to keep your phone within reach but away from all that damaging water, while problem ‘b’ concerns your complete and utter addiction to your handset, one so extreme that perhaps it’s time to seek help.

For those who really must have their mobile close by at all times, a new product that’s just hit its funding target on Kickstarter will surely be of interest.

The Hoyo showerproof pocket for smartphones hit its $40,000 funding target in just a few days, a sure sign that there are enough handset addicts out there to guarantee the product’s success when it hits the market later this year.

hoyo 2

The design is simple enough – it’s essentially a transparent plastic pouch with a waterproof seal and suction cup so you can stick it anywhere in your bathroom. It even comes with a cutting kit that enables you to attach Hoyo to a shower curtain – that’s right, you’ll have to take a knife to your curtain, but it’s surely a small price to pay if it means you can stay within touching distance of your mobile device.

In Hoyo’s Kickstarter video (below), its designer, London-based George Sheety, acknowledges that there are plenty of waterproof smartphone pockets already on the market, but insists Hoyo is a great option for its ease of use.

hoyo 3
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Besides taking calls (“I’m in the shower!“), the entrepreneur suggests also using Hoyo to listen to music, surf the Web, check notifications, “watch a 15-minute YouTube video or TED talk,” or even keep an eye on connected devices like baby monitors and security cameras.

Hoyo could also offer your phone extra protection in other environments such as the kitchen, garage or out in the yard.

And yes, despite being housed inside a plastic pouch, you can still swipe, pinch and tap your phone’s screen, giving you full access to all its functions.

Hoyo is expected to sell for about $25 when it hits the market, and will be available in 10 colors. Smartphone addicts may never get out of the shower.

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