World’s largest solar-powered yacht arrives in Hong Kong on home stretch of around-the-world voyage

The list of transportation methods—hot air balloon, sailboat, plane, etc.—to circumnavigate the globe will hopefully grow by one more in the coming year. The world’s largest solar-powered yacht, PlanetSolar, motored into Hong Kong yesterday as it slowly makes its way back to Monaco where it started its globe crossing quest almost eleven months ago.

The technological wonder is moving along at a leisurely 8.6 MPH so their arrival in France certainly won’t be soon.

The stated goal of the expedition is “Conserving our planet by promoting solar energy, energy efficiency and eco-mobility.”

PlanetSolar is outfitted with a six-person crew (max capacity of 40) and 537 square meters of solar panels across the top deck. Because of the flat top deck, the total height of the yacht is only 6.1 meters off the water, giving the yacht a wide base of 23 meters and a hawk-like look.

These dimensions also made the crossing from Manila to Hong Kong tricky. This was the crew’s second attempt.

“Due to persistent rains from the monsoons, we were forced to turn around the first time. This is why we are doubly excited to anchor in Hong Kong,” crew reporter Tobias Wülser noted on the ship’s log.

The boats heroic journey is mapped on their website, along with bios of the crew and the ship’s log.

For more pictures check out our photo gallery of the Tûranor PlanetSolar.

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