World’s most expensive laptop sleeve has an eight-figure price tag, but does include free shipping

CoverBee Diamond Laptop SleeveLaptops are expensive pieces of technology, so it’s worth protecting them when you’re out and about, but while the majority of us spend a fraction of the cost of the machine on a case, there are those who are happy to spend a little more on a product with a touch of exclusivity.

It’s those people who CoverBee, an accessory manufacturer based in the Netherlands, hope to attract with its latest laptop sleeve design. Named the CoverBee Diamond, it’s priced at an eye-watering, wallet-straining $11,000,000, and until proven otherwise, is the world’s most expensive laptop sleeve.

As you’ve probably guessed by the name, there are diamonds involved — at least 8,800 — plus some fur from a poor Siberian sable around the opening to protect your laptop when sliding it into the sleeve.

Each sparkler has been graded VS in clarity and F in color, making them highly desirable, and a certificate of authenticity will set your mind at ease that they really are diamonds, and not cubic zirconia.

A browse around CoverBee’s site shows that unlike other companies who sell luxury tech such as Stuart Hughes and Goldstriker, it sells a wide range of perfectly sensible products, so why make the insane Diamond case?

According to the information page, CoverBee’s designers were inspired by the infamous I Am Rich iPhone app, which cost $999 and did nothing except display a glittering gem on the screen. It was released around the same time as the iPhone itself, and was subsequently banned by Apple on the grounds of good taste (or at least it should have been), before reappearing on Windows Phone 7 a couple of years later.

If you’re already grabbing your credit card in readiness to order the CoverBee Diamond, you’ll be pleased to hear it’ll be shipped free of charge with a company more used to transporting gold bullion than laptop cases.

Bodyguards to look after the case once it arrives are not included.