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Could this watch help you appreciate the little moments in life a bit better?

You may have to learn a new way to tell time, but it’ll be worth it. Say hello to the Wundrwatch, a timepiece that has but one hand, making for a 24 hour clock that helps you “appreciate those special moments that matter.” Because its single hand passes each marker only once a day, the Wundrwatch promises to give wearers a new appreciation for the ephemerality of time, and perhaps, life itself.

Currently available on Kickstarter, the Wundrwatch has already surpassed its funding goal with a month left in its campaign. The Swiss movement of the piece is waterproof up to 100 meters, with a stainless steel case and a non-reflecting, extra-hardened mineral glass face. Wundrwatch’s straps are made of Italian leather, and can be changed with the push of a button to fit any outfit and every mood. And with a battery life of 46 months, you won’t have to waste any precious time keeping your watch running.

While the Wundrwatch, like all watches, is meant to help you keep track of time, precision won’t necessarily be its strong suit. After all, the team says, “Does it really matter if it’s 10:22 or 10:24? Usually no.”

Promising accuracy within five minutes, Wundrwatch makers note, “A day has 24 hours, so we think a watch should have [the same]. This allows you to see the entire day in one view and experience time in its very natural state.” Besides, the team says, you have your smartphone to give you exact, down to the minute clock readings.

“We live in a world run by time, constantly reminded and driven by our smartphone notifications of meetings, calls, dates, and events,” the Wundrwatch team says on its Kickstarter page. “With Wundrwatch, we want to create a reminder of how particular every moment of life is. Because we think life is not about time, but what we make out of it.”

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