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X-Men enthusiast walks on the ceiling with homemade ‘Magneto shoes’

x men enthusiast walks ceiling homemade magneto shoes

Your dreams of becoming one of the world’s coolest super villains may soon be a reality.

Enthusiastic inventor and YouTuber Colin Furze, who is known for building his own fully functioning Wolverine claws, has harnessed the powers of another member of the X-Men comics. Now he’s sporting his own pair of “Magneto shoes” — magnetic boots that he uses to walk on the ceiling of his workshop.

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Furze said the shoes are actually pretty easy to make on your own. In a how to video, he demonstrated how he first tried drilling holes in an old pair of Vans shoes and fitting them with an electromagnet, but the magnets weren’t strong enough to hold him from the ceiling.

Next, Furze collected a number of microwaves from a local scrap yard and removed a specific magnetic coil from their transformers. He then ran some current through them to make a stronger electromagnet. When he found that his creation could hold his entire body weight from the roof of his shop, he fastened the extra powerful magnets to metal plates on the bottoms of his shoes.

He did note the people can actually purchase extra powerful electromagnets rather than make them, but Furze admitted that he was a “tight git” and opted to go for the free microwave option.

Last came the actual walking upside down, which Furze said was the trickiest part of the process. He used two ropes with switches attached that allowed him to cut the current to each shoe, but each time he did, the shoe was inclined to fall back down to the ground.

Still, Furze shows in his video his attempts at defying gravity, giving Erik Lensherr a run for his money.

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