Yahoo! Flips Meedio to Yahoo! Go for TV

It looks like it didn’t take online portal Yahoo! too long to show off why they purchased Meedio, a digital home software maker. As detailed at blogs like Zatz Not Funny, Yahoo! has quietly rebranded the Meedio software and made it available for free as part of their Yahoo! Go product.

Notes on the Yahoo! Go for TV Web site indicate you can do a wide array of features with this new free software, including viewing photos from Yahoo! Photos or flickr, searching and watching online videos, watching movie trailers and getting related information, listening to LaunchCast radio stations and watching music videos and using a computer’s built-in DVR to record and manage TV shows and movies.

Requirements of the Yahoo! Go for TV software include Windows XP, a broadband Internet connection, a TV with video and audio input connections, cables to connect your TV and PC and a TV tuner card and remote control if you want to enjoy the DVR functions.