Your chance to be shunned by humanity: Wearable, brainwave monitoring, motorized cat ears.

Necomimi Cat EarsIt’s usually easy to forgive the latest Japanese gadget for being a bit quirky, as who doesn’t love to hear about devices that enable dates with virtual popstars, or automated, attention seeking vacuum cleaners?

But the Necomimi cat ears may have taken it a step too far, as they no longer register around the Amelie level on the quirk scale, but have shot past to reach the full Zooey Deschanel.

Here’s what they’re all about: A pair of cat-like ears are mounted on a headband, along with a couple of sensors for monitoring your brain activity. When they detect a particular brainwave pattern, the ears move accordingly, letting the world around you know exactly what you’re thinking. And the fact you’re clearly insane.

The movement of the ears mimics that of a cat, so when you’re interested or curious about something, they perk up, then drop back down again when you’re not thinking about anything much. In a departure from normal cat behavior, when you’re concentrating, the ears will wiggle up and down. If your cat’s ears do this, then please, get it to the vet.

Necomimi BoxSo who is Neurowear, the company behind Necomimi, hoping will buy these ears? Cosplayers and Katy Perry, naturally, plus keen fancy dress party attendees with more money than sense.

But we think they’re being a little optimistic by suggesting strapping, male sports fans will wear a pair in their team’s colors.

Aww, but it all sounds so cute, right? Who doesn’t harbor a secret desire to be exactly like a cat? Cats are undeniably awesome, but one pair of brainwave monitoring, motorized ears, does not a cat make.

Do yourself a favor, just watch the Necomimi concept video from last year below, and if you still want to wear a pair out in public, be aware they really do need a degree of brain activity to function.

Necomimi cat ears have just gone on sale in the USA, and the opportunity to be shunned by humanity is yours for $99.