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“Zombie-proof” log cabin comes with security cameras, solar panels and Xbox

Sold by the folks at United Kingdom-based builder Tiger Log Cabins, the £69,995 ($113,000) ZFC-1 Zombie Fortification Cabin is a new product that’s specifically been designed for anyone concerned about a potential Walking Dead scenario occurring in the near future. Including a 10-year warranty that covers all attacks from “voodoo zombies, brooks zombies, and fast infected zombies,” the base model of the cabin includes a standard living area complete with a plasma HDTV, Xbox video game system and turntable sound system to use when passing the time while the undead aimlessly wander the Earth.

Perhaps the ideal cabin for an ardent fan of Doomsday Preppers, additional tech can be outfitted on the cabin for an extra cost. That includes CCTV security cameras to keep an eye on the zombie horde as well as solar panels to help generate the electricity you will need to play video games for hours on end. Of course, those upgrades will cost an additional $8,500. For an additional $4,000, Tiger Log Cabins will include a full riot suit complete with gas mask as well as a riot shield. For another $21,000, they will even install your new zombie fortification cabin for you. Sadly, a flamethrower, water cannon and any other type of weapon to repel those festering walkers is not included in the base price of the cabin.


The cabin itself is split into three distinct areas with a walled-in, outdoor garden for growing fruit and vegetables in the center of the compound. The two smaller units include a garage for storing an armored automobile and a storage room for stocking away 40-pound buckets of freeze-dried spaghetti as well as numerous firearms. The third, large building is two stories high and provides the living room / kitchen combo area, an exercise room to stay in peak physical condition and two upstairs bedroom areas that can sleep multiple people in several bunk beds.

Of course, what zombie fortification cabin would be complete without an upper deck area to keep an eye on all the zombies in the vicinity? While weapons and lights aren’t included, Tiger Log Cabins clearly recommends attaching mounted guns as well as spotlights, likely used to fire off shots at those biters when having a sleepless night. Other amenities in the cabin include a sofa, coffee table and fireplace for the living room, a microwave for the kitchen, a set of exercise equipment for the gym, six total beds and two chests of drawers in the bedrooms as well as a ton of barbed wire that runs along the roof around the entire compound.

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to include an options to upgrade to a 4K LED television, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 video game system or perhaps a sound system that can play digital files rather than just a standard turntable. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the company is demanding “medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie” in order to make a claim on that 10-year guarantee. This is assuming the company still exists after thousands of rotting corpses tear through the populated areas of the United Kingdom in a matter of days.

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