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Entrepreneur Alana Mitchell shares her picks for the best skin-care gadgets

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and so it makes sense that people want to take care of it. Whether you maintain a rigorous skin-care regimen yourself, or know somebody who does, the holiday season is a great time to splurge on some skin-care products and gadgets. Skin-care entrepreneur Alana Mitchell appeared on Digital Trends Live to drop some knowledge about the most intriguing tech gadgets on the market right now.

First up: The Tria hair removal laser. If vaporizing the hair on your legs with a beam of hot light sounds appealing, but you’d rather not pay to go to a spa every time you need to do it, this little ray gun will smooth your legs in the comfort of your home.

“Instead of going to a medical spa, you can purchase this device for a couple hundred dollars, bring it home, and use it, and you will see results,” Mitchell says. “I’ve seen results, I’ve used the product myself.”

Mitchell also pointed out the Neutrogena Skin 360 app “because it combines your iPhone … it’s an attachment to your iPhone, so you attach it to your iPhone and scan your skin, and it will upload and read and tell you what’s going on with your skin … and that’s only about $50, so that’s really inexpensive …”

Another of Mitchell’s favorite gadgets is the Clarisonic facial brush, which uses sonic tech to clean the user’s face.

“You guys might be familiar with that. It’s owned by L’Oreal now, but when they started, it actually started from the SonicCare toothbrush. Remember when that came out, probably about ten, fifteen years ago? That inspired them to make the Clarisonic facial brush.”

Although the Clarisonic has bristles, “… it’s not just spinning,” Mitchell says. “You’ve probably had a toothbrush that just spins, and then you’ve probably had a sonic toothbrush that actually really cleans your teeth when you’re brushing. So the sonic is really what’s getting in and cleaning your skin, the way these bristles move and the technology.”

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