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Latest LCD Apple iPhone rumors point to cost-cutting design, lower price?

Liquid Crystal Dollars

More clues are dropping as to a trio of new iPhones possibly due out this fall, and our friends over at BGR say they have some leaks and peeks from a reliable source of Apple intel. It’s Friday, June 22 – happy first day of summer – and BGR says this is a render from case maker Ghostek of the upcoming “LCD” iPhone that will sit at the bottom of the iPhone Ten form factor range.

BGR says the image comes from a source that’s been spot-on in the past. They say the phone will forego the fancy OLED screen of the iPhone X and the expected iPhone X Plus, as well as having just a single rear camera instead of the two-lens setup. Those downgrades will also likely downgrade the price, making a notchy iPhone a bit more affordable. Again, it’s all rumors and speculation at this point, and we’ve got all summer to gather up more new iPhone clues, so stay tuned.

Beyond the beat

If you’re an EDM fan and a VR fan, we’ve got a treat for you: We just sat down with The Glitch Mob to talk about how their sometimes-otherworldly music is influenced by technology, and the technology they use to create it, both in the studio and at their eye-popping live shows. Instead of the usual two-turntables-and-a-laptop approach so common in EDM, Glitch uses a series of “pods” and touch screens to actually PLAY their digital instruments during a show, using a Star-Trek-like set they call The Blade 2.0.

But it’s their next tech trick that sounds really exciting: their new album will soon get an accompanying VR experience, which the Mob says includes tech input from Dell, Alienware, and a company called The Wave. DT’s Keith Nelson Junior has the interview and details, along with videos, soundcloud tracks and great photos.

Nothing really beats hybrid dinosaurs and volcanoes

Alright, it IS the first day of summer and it’s Friday, so that can only mean one thing: There’s a new Jurassic Park movie in theaters! Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom opens today, and DT movie critic Rick Marshall snuck into a press screening to check out the latest digital dinos and liked what he saw. We’re pretty much over Hollywood’s ability to make realistic CGI T-Rex’s, so Rick says Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona takes the franchise in a new direction with this entry, where the scariest characters don’t have sharp teeth, they’re humans who have really, really bad intentions.

Raptor-whisperer Chris Pratt is back along with Bryce Dallas Howard, and their new job is to rescue some dinos from their island home where a volcano is about to pop. But rescue them for what purpose? Trust us, it’s not for displaying them at the local zoo. Bayona brings a dark edge to the movie while keeping the action moving, and the dinosaurs are bigger, badder and more realistic than ever. Check out his full review.

Winner winner HP Omen dinner

Quick reminder that our huge HP Omen Gaming PC and Monitor giveaway is still on but the clock is ticking, with just a few days left to enter. Check all the details and then sign up. We’ll pick the lucky winner on June 26th.

We’ve got more news on our Facebook page and YouTube channel, and be sure to tune in to this week’s DT podcasts: Close to the Metal (computers and such) on Tuesday, Trends with Benefits (general tech shenanigans)  on Thursdays, and Between the Streams (movie and TV topics) every Friday.

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