Apple chats with HBO and Showtime as more TV app content rumors swirl

Is Tim Cook looking to change the streaming channel?

Forbes says Apple may be getting ready to make an aggressive move in the streaming media market with a new “bundle” of high-profile media channels that includes HBO and Showtime. Cupertino is reportedly in talks with Time Warner and CBS, the parent companies of HBO and Showtime, as well as with Lionsgate, which operates Starz, to bundle the channels together in some fashion in the near future.

You can already subscribe to each and watch then through the Apple TV app, but the bundle approach would simplify things for consumers, and likely lower the cost as well. Also, Apple stock is up 26-percent since the election, putting its market cap at three-quarters of a trillion dollars. With all those zeros and over $250 billion in cash lying around, some media watchers are wondering why Apple doesn’t just buy HBO, CBS, or whatever media company they want.

Maybe Tim Cook thinks it’s better to rent than to buy at this point, and their long-term plans may include much, much bigger schemes than this step. Hit this link for more on the story.

Android invasion Phase 1 complete

So, care to guess which operating system is the most popular for poking around on the internets? Windows? iOS? MacOS? Nope – it’s Android. That’s according to StatCounter, an outfit that tallys such things.

The little green guy topped Windows as the dominant OS for the first time by a scant two hundredths of a percentage point, but a graph from StatCounter shows that the switch been a long time coming, if you count 2012 as “a long time ago.” Back then, Windows’ share was 80 percent, but Android has been chipping away, and it’s now pretty much 40/40, with iOS and MacOS picking up the remaining 20 percent. Go here to see how they came up with the numbers.

Faster, lighter, better

So, been thinking of finally upgrading that laptop computer you’ve been using for a while? Maybe for a little too long? We’re here to help. DT Computing Editor Matt Smith has put together a comprehensive list of the best picks across several key categories, whether it’s PC or Mac (or Chrome), budget or big bucks, a 2-in-1 transformer, or a big screen or the best for portability.

We’re tried, tested and rated them all. Go here for all the details and get that credit card warmed up.

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