Apple iPhone 7 gets the blues in countdown to Sept. 7 reveal?

Apple iPhone 7 in hue of blue?

We’re just about a week away from Apple’s big late-summer iPhone fiesta, and the rumored details on the forthcoming iPhone 7 just keep coming. The latest bit is an image of the new phone in a lovely shade of light blue, possibly the latest hue to join the iPhone pantheon of space grey, gold, and rose gold. And we’ve heard there might also be a space black, if you like your phone like you like your coffee.

Other than that, the rumor mill seems pretty full up in regards to the next iPhone, which prognosticators think will feature a dual-lens camera on the 7 Plus and a new larger lens system on the regular 7, along with the conspicuous absence of a headphone jack on either model. We’ve got a full roundup on all the iPhone 7 rumors and we’ll know how close they were – or weren’t – to the mark on September 7th.

Fitbit charges ahead with key model update

Fitness band maker Fitbit, hot on the heels of their court win over rival Jawbone, is introducing the Charge 2, an update to their popular Charge HR model, which is now almost three years old. Improvements include a much bigger screen, mid-workout stats, sleep data, GPS tracking, and built-in breathing exercises for your post-workout cooldown – or that post-face-to-face chat with the CEO. Hey, we’ve been there.

It also displays call, text and calendar alerts from your phone, and you can swap out different bands for just the right look. Fitbit says the Charge 2 starts at $150 and you can preorder it now.

Big new Samsung monitor gets curvy, new Gear S3 smartwatch goes old school?

One of the bigger tech shows in the world, EE-Fa or I-F-A in Berlin, is getting ready to kick off but apparently not soon enough for Samsung, who released details today on the Gear S3 smartwatch and a new gaming monitor ahead of the show. The CF791 monitor is a biggie – literally – at 34 inches diagonally and in the 21 : 9 super-widescreen format. It features quantum-dot technology for a better picture and lower energy consumption, according to Samsung.

There are also LED lighting effects that reportedly can be synced to music and a 100-hertz refresh rate that gamers should love. And of course, it’s curved. Meanwhile this image of the upcoming Gear S3  smartwatch popped up in an ad for an accessory, and if that really is the new watch, it’ll mark a strong move to make the device look just like a “regular” watch, with a crown in the usual spot and face displays that look like your grandpa’s Rolex.

No other details, such as price or availability, were announced, but we’ve got a team on the ground at IFA and we’ll have lots more news from Berlin all week. The show officially gets underway on September 2nd.

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