Christmas in October: Google rolls out suite of new tech toys

Google sets its sights on phones, homes and your TV

Google is holding their big fall event today, and we are expecting great things from Sundar and company. Top of the list: the new Pixel phone – or phones, as two sizes are expected – and the rollout of Google Home, an A.I. powered voice-controlled homebot that will go up against Amazon’s popular Alexa home assistant.

Also expected: A new 4K HDR Chromecast device called Ultra, which seems to be a popular name these days. Another new Googley treat that may debut? Google Wi-Fi, a smart-home savvy modular wifi system that can be easily expanded to cover your whole home and plays extra nice with things like Google Home, your Chromecast and maybe some new Google phones. Imagine that. Check out our full wrap-up of today’s big announcements right here. 

Facebook’s Marketplace rollout wanders down some back alleys

Yesterday we told you about the limited rollout of Facebook’s new Marketplace feature, where users can easily buy and sell stuff. Well, on the first day of its limited rollout, Facebook says a technical issue resulted in the selling of some “stuff” it wasn’t supposed to allow, such as drugs, adult services and animals.

Facebook says Marketplace ads are closely monitored by actual humans, and didn’t specify exactly what the “technical issue” was, so we’re not sure how the snake, drugs and “adult services” snuck through. However, Facebook says they are going to fix the problem before the Marketplace rollout expands.

O.G. ecar guru Henrik Fisker returns to take on Tesla

Remember Henrik Fisker? He’s the automotive designer and builder of one of the first modern electric cars, known as the Fisker Karma, way back in 2008. Well, Fisker’s electric car company went under five years later and was snapped up by a Chinese company, which changed the company’s  name to… Karma Automotive, since Henrik retained all the trademarks and so forth after the bankruptcy.

Now, Fisker is back. According to Reuters, Henrik now heads up both Fisker Inc. and Fisker Nanotech, and says he’s been working in “stealth mode” on two cars he plans to debut that will complete with Tesla’s Model S and Model 3 offerings. He also claims he has some revolutionary graphene-based battery tech on hand that will give his cars more range than the Tesla machines, and will also last the life of the cars.

When will the cars be available? Well, no word on that just yet, but seeing as how Mr. Fisker also designed several landmark performance cars, we are excited to see what he comes up with… eventually.

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