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DJI’s new gimbal, Apple’s AR content, and more | Digital Trends Live

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler breaks down the top tech news of the day, including the U.S. government’s $1 billion investment in A.I. and quantum computing, DJI’s new tech-packed gimbal, Apple’s new AR content, the discovery of 50 new planets, and more.

DT’s John Velasco joins the program to discuss how to get your smart home started for around $100, and the three types of smart home products to get you started: Smart speakers, lights, and security cameras.

Yun-Hee Kim

Nibler then speaks with Yun-Hee Kim, technology editor for the Wall Street Journal, who talks about the WSJ Tech Live virtual conference, which features unscripted interviews with some of tech’s biggest game changers.

Finally, we find out what’s TBD this week, as Dt’s Jess Surbaugh and Adrien Warner talk about the future of grocery shopping and delivery.

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