DT Daily: Apple Watch delay, PlexiDrone takes flight, Pavlok fixes your bad habits

When Apple finally unveiled its new smartwatch last month, Tim Cook promised an “early in 2015” launch. However, a new report from Apple Daily suggests that the Apple Watch could land later than expected. Mass production of the device appears to be delayed two months and now will not begin until January. In addition, earlier reports had suggested Apple would be working with two manufacturing companies to assemble its smartwatch. But it now appears only one firm will produce the smartwatch. It’s not clear why the move was made, though with one instead of two companies working on the watch – and with production apparently starting later than planned – Apple could find it a real challenge to get its new product in stores in “early” 2015.

Offering what looks to be a high performance yet affordable camera drone, Canadian startup Dream-key is taking to Indegogo with its first product, the PlexiDrone. Designed for aerial photography and videography, the PlexiDrone is portable, and more robust than most hobbyist crafts. The appeal of PlexiDrone is its construction. The four propellers and landing gear are removable, and the whole thing can be assembled in about a minute. When taken apart, it fits in a small backpack. It’s compatible with most action cameras and other compact mirror-less cameras. Another cool feature is the retractable landing gear that allows for unobstructed 360 degree views. The base model is promised in March 2015 for a 480 dollar pledge.

You know those invisible dog fences, where fido gets zapped by a shock collar if he crosses over the little wire buried in the ground. Well now you can experience that same feeling when you misbehave. The Pavlok wristband promises to shape up your sleep, exercise, and productivity habits with the help of a companion app that you program with your goals – and corresponding punishments for not achieving those goals. If the embedded accelerometer doesn’t detect movement when your alarm goes off, you’ll be dealt a shock. If the GPS doesn’t see you at the gym on schedule, zap. Spend too much time on Facebook, the Chrome plugin will tell on you. The Pavlok is on indegogo right now and for around 130 bucks you too can zap away your bad habits.

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