DT Daily: Apple Watch security, electric surf’s up, Big Game ads

Today on DT Daily: Apple stores up security ahead of the Apple Watch rollout, surf’s up anytime you want it to be, and was there a big game yesterday? There sure were a lot of odd commercials on TV.

Apple chief Tim Cook recently let slip that the Apple Watch is going to hit shelves in April, and apparently, the stores will be taking extra steps to keep the smartwatches safe.

How? By putting them in a safe. Well, at the least one model, the gold Apple Watch Edition, will get special treatment. And of course, these won’t be ordinary safes. 9to5 Mac reports the safes will have built-in charging outlets so the watches are full up when it comes time to show them off the next day. The shiniest version of the Apple Watch features a specially treated 18-carat gold exterior and a sapphire screen, so don’t expect it to come in at the base price.

Exactly when in April the watches will arrive, how much each will be, and when you can pre-order yours has not been made clear yet, but suffice to say the clock is ticking on those details.

You know what ruins a surfer’s day? A big flat ocean with little or no waves. Yes, it does happen, and it’s so bogus. But fear not, technology has an answer in the form of motorized surfboards.

Sure they’ve been around for a while, but they looked more like small boats than surfboards, but that’s changing fast. Check out the Aquila Blade Electric Powered Motor Board. Looks like a surfboard. Goes like a surfboard. Unlike a surfboard, waves are optional. It uses a small impeller motor like a jet ski and Aquila claims it can go over 30 miles an hour. A small hand throttle controls speed. The Waterwold MXP-3 from Germany is another entry in the field as is Lampuga’s impressively speedy board.

As these boards get better and better, it’s not going to be a matter of when the waves are hitting the shore, it’s going to boil down to how how much time you can set aside to surf.

OK, we’re also wondering what Pete Carroll was smoking thinking on that last play, but as the game fades away, we’re left with a big bucket of ads that cost over $4 million each to air. So which one was your favorite?

Was it the heart-tugging Nissan “With Dad” ad, Walter White selling insurance, Liam Neeson’s Taken speech for Clash of Clans, God letting the Earth go to pieces because his phone died, or Danny Trejo getting his Machete on with the Brady Bunch? Personally, we kinda dug the EAT24 ad with Snoop and Gilbert Godfried. And we gotta give a shout out to the Loctite crew for their hilarious dance bit. And hey, Nationwide, thanks (not really) for bringing us all down.

Anyway, we’ve got all the best ads from the big game in one place, so go here to get caught up if you missed a few, or just need a good laugh if you’re a Seattle fan. Because you need a good laugh today.

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