DT Daily: Best televisions at CES 2015

The show floor at CES 2015 finally opened up today, and we spent the entire time staring down the best TVs all the major manufacturers had to offer. Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, and Panasonic all had something special to show, and we were sure to give them all our undivided attention.

We saw LG’s EF9500 flat panel 4K OLED TV , Sony’s X940C 4K LED TV, the Panasonic CX850U 4K TV, Samsung’s SUHD lineup, and Sharp’s ‘Beyond 4K’ TV.

The takeaway here is: better color. Each manufacturer is either using quantum dots or a phosphor-coated LED technology in order to expand color gamut (the total colors that can be produced by the television). In either case, the result is color that’s closer to what you can see at the movie theater, known as DCI (digital cinema initiative) P3 color space. The effect can be incredible, though the content that supports it isn’t available yet.

But don’t worry, that’s coming soon, too.

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