DT Daily: Bike light HD cam, smart ring roundup, tomato roboto

Today on DT Daily: Someone puts a camera in a bike light and chaos ensues, smart rings are a thing, and a robot that feeds you tomatoes. While you run. In Japan.

Anyone who does a lot of biking usually has their ride kitted out with some lights, and now, a kickstarter project is adding a camera to the setup. Check out some of what their first camera caught on video.

Everyone’s all worked up about smart watches, but we’re also keeping an eye on the growing market for smart rings. What can you do with them? Surprisingly, quite a bit.

So what do you snack on while training for a marathon? An orange? A banana? Why not a tomato? That’s what Japan tomato purveyors Kagome want people to ask themselves and hey, why not make a convenient shoulder-mounted tomato-feeding robot that hands them to you while you’re out running? Because… Japan.

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