DT Daily: Chevy Bolt EV, CNN tries out drones, man covered in iPhones

Today on DT Daily: Chevy looks to one-up Tesla, CNN will test out some drones and there’s an iPhone shortage in China, thanks to one dumb guy.

We’re still sorting out all the new stuff from the Detroit Auto show, but one unexpected surprise has been the Chevy Bolt concept car. No, not the new Chevy Volt, the Bolt.

Looking like an elongated smatcar, the Bolt concept car is an all-electric design with a purported 200-mile range, giving it much longer legs than pretty much anything short of a Tesla. And while Tesla says they’re also working on a car with a 200-mile range that will cost about 30 grand, it looks like Chevy may have beaten them to the punch. There’s no release date for the Bolt and no confirmation it will even be built, but it looked pretty much ready to go to us.

We love that big glass roof and slick interior, but “Bolt”? We’re thinking a name change should be one of the few things Chevy rethinks on this car.

Camera-equipped drones have been getting a bad rap as of late, with the FAA considering tough new rules after several incidents where drones come a bit too close to planes filled with actual people.

But the FAA has given CNN permission to start testing drones out for news gathering. CNN is going to be testing very expensive high-end drones, but if things go well, CNN’s more professional approach to drone use may ease the way for other pilots outside of the news and film business. So when will we see footage from a CNN drone orbiting above a breaking news story? Probably not for a year or so, but then again, who knows?

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6-plus are considered among the best mobile phones you can buy, so it’s kind of ironic that they’re pretty hard to get in China, which, of course, is where they are made. Smuggling iPhones back into China for resale is big business, but there’s going to be a shortage after police busted this guy, who had over 90 iPhones attached to his body as he tried to make his way through a checkpoint. So what went wrong?

Security personnel said the man was walking funny, which is to be expected when you have 35 pounds worth of iPhones taped all over your carcass. They asked him to go through a metal detector, which probably nearly exploded when he stepped through it. Well, better luck next time. Maybe try just 50 phones?

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