DT Daily: Cool Box toolbox, Google fiber expands, drone crash at White House

Today on DT Daily: the toolbox gets a modern update, Google Fiber lands in four more cities, and a drunken drone pilot crash-lands his quadcopter on the White House lawn. 

Toolboxes have been around for as long as people have needed to cart around tools, and for the most part, they’ve essentially been a box with a handle, and maybe some drawers.

But that’s all about to change with the CoolBox, a high-tech carrier of box wrenches and other bits that looks suspiciously like the Coolest Cooler, the high-tech cooler that raised 13 million dollars on Kickstarter. And while the Cool Box doesn’t have a built-in blender, it does have a built-in extension cord for powering your tools, a light, battery, clock, bottle opener, white board, tablet stand and powered Bluetooth speakers for sparking a worksite dance party.

Coolbox has already doubled up their $50,000 goal on indiegogo, and no, it’s not from Ryan Grepper, inventor of the Coolest Cooler, it’s from two other inventive guys. Want one? Just pony up $179 for an early release unit.

Here in Portland, we were lobbying hard to be one of the next cities to land Google Fiber, the tech company’s super-fast internet service project. Ah, but we missed it by that much…

So who DID get hooked with Google’s gigabit of bandwidth? The lucky folks in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and the Raleigh Durham “triange” area in North Carolina. What did they win? Basically, Internet service that makes your current “broadband” service look like 28k dial-up. Google claims that wherever they install their Fiber network, it boosts local business, helps governments, consumers, and, of course, Google. Hopefully, Portland is next up.

So here’s what not to do when you’re drunk, Chapter 562: get liquored, take your spendy quadcopter out for a spin at 3 o’clock in the morning, and then crash it into the White House lawn. Yet, that’s exactly what happened Monday in D.C., and come to find out the tipsy pilot is actually a government worker. With the FAA still wrestling with drone flight rules, this probably didin’t help the cause of hobbyist pilots and businesses who’d like to use drones.

To his credit, the drone’s pilot fessed up after sobering up, but now he’s probably got to get get it back from his boss, who is probably not one bit happy about it.

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