DT Daily: Device provides cell service, David vs. Goliath crash test, electronic posture aid

Today on DT Daily: A slick device solves that no-cell-service problem, Mercedes smashes together their biggest and smallest cars, and a new device to help you sit up straight!

Cell phones are a definite wonder of modern tech until they can’t connect to a cell service provider, then they’re objects of frustration.

So the next time you’re out of range or too many people are clogging up the service, just bust out your GoTenna. This clever little device takes cell service back to the CB radio age and allows you to communicate via text message with any other GoTenna user within a claimed 50-mile range, even if there is absolutely no cell service anywhere nearby.  GoTenna pairs using Bluetooth LE and an app, plus it’s small, light, simple and built tough for outdoor adventures.

It’s on preorder now and if you pull the trigger, you can get a pair of them – two are needed at a minimum for the system to work – for 150 bucks, or half what they will eventually retail for.

We’re seeing more and more very little cars on the streets these days, and the tiny smart ForTwo is definitely a popular model.

But many people think the minicar isn’t as safe as a full-size car, so Mercedes, who makes the little “smart” cars, recently put it to the test by smashing it nearly head-on into one of their S-class super-heavyweight sedans. So how did the little car do? Thanks to the innovative frame design and other safety tech, no crash test dummies were unduly harmed and Mercedes claims forces during the crash were well within acceptable limits.

Mom was right: good posture is a worthy goal. It helps fight off back pain and it makes a good impression. Problem is, our sedentary, slouchy-tech lifestyle is killing our posture! So why not use that same tech to bring it back?

That’s the claim UpRight on Indiegogo is making, and we may have to give it a try. Just stick this little Bluetooth device to your back and when you go into slouch mode, it buzzes to remind you to sit up and rescue your aching vertebrae. There’s even an app with a training program designed to get your back muscles back into shape. UpRight has completed their campaign and doubled up their goal, but you can still get an early release for about $80.

Upright says units should start shipping early next year, so until then, you’ll just have to keep using one of those weird ball chair things…

Your host today is Caleb Denison.

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