DT Daily: Dodge Charger Hellcat, zombie-proof home, cassette tape returns

Today on DT Daily: The 204 mph family car, build yourself a zombie-proof log cabin and find your Walkman, Awesome Mix Volume 1 is coming out on cassette. 

So, is your old Volvo 240 on it’s last legs – and barely able to get up to freeway speed? Well, clearly, you need something with a bit more pep: and Dodge has just the thing for you.

You might be familiar with the SRT Hellcat version of the Dodge Challenger muscle car. Well, this is the new Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, and it’s packing the same 707 horsepower monster motor as the Challenger – except it’s got four doors, instead of two. Other tweaks include a mean new front end look, a ducted hood to keep all those ponies cool, Brembo brakes and a swankier interior.

Oh, and if you’re late for that PTA meeting, no worries: top speed is an astounding 204mph. How much? Only $65,000, which is pretty cheap considering it will give cars costing five times as much or more a definite run for their money, if not totally blowing them into the weeds outright.

Worried about having to defend your home during the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse? Well, a British log cabin kit builder has you covered.

Called the Zombie Fortification Cabin, or ZFC-1, the no-joke DIY complex consists of three buildings total and includes such necessities as an arsenal storage unit, flat roofs for taking up high-ground defensive positions, solar panels, lots of razor wire, a riot protection outfit and a 10-year zombie attack guarantee. Options include a flame thrower, search lights and water cannons.

Oh, and it also comes with an xBox and even two turntables for that end-of-times rave you’re planning. Prices start at about $113,000USD but there’s no word yet on if they’ll ship one to Idaho or other U.S. states.

If you took in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie this summer, and it seems like most everyone did, you know that a certain mix tape is at the center of the film.

And we don’t mean a playlist, we mean an actual cassette tape. Now, Disney says they are going to release the mix tape as an actual cassette tape – with the film’s admittedly very cool soundtrack already recorded – in limited quantities. The package will include a digital version of the songs as well and will hit select stores next month as part of Record Store Day. Stores participating in Record Store Day should have them in stock, but we’d call ahead to make sure.

So dig out Mom’s old Walkman and get ready to rock old school to Awesome Mix Volume 1, and get ready for the Guardians sequel – and another mix tape – which will hit theaters in July of 2017.

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