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DT Daily: Alexa helps you vote, our new series ‘Behind the Wheel,’ and more

On the newest episode of DT Daily, we talked about how Alexa can help you vote, how to turn your Tesla into a giant RC Car, and our brand new series, Behind the Wheel.

We first chatted with Digital Trends’ Chief Technology Officer Dan Gaul, who brought on one of Elon Musk’s Not A Flamethrower to show off.

Next, since it’s November 6 — aka voting day — we talked about how Alexa has made it easy to navigate Election Day. Alexa teamed up with Ballotpedia, to provide all the information you need, from where is my nearest polling station, to what the measures you’re voting for mean. Plus after voting is closed, Alexa is there to give you updated results to keep you informed.

We talked about the World Drone Racing Championships, where 15-year-old Australian Rudi Browning beat out 127 contestants from 34 countries, to take home $24,000. The competition lasted four days, where they raced through a neon-lit course reaching speeds up to 100mph.

While Apple announced a new iPad Pro and MacBook last week, the event left most people wondering what about an AirPod update? Images found on iOS 12 beta revealed new details on the next-generation AirPods 2. They will now feature noise-canceling capabilities, voice control, biometrics, and will be water-resistant.

In other news, a new store has decided to jump on the cashierless system bandwagon, 7-Eleven. Yep, our favorite Slurpee supplier is rolling out a system called Scan and Pay. This pilot program is launching in seven locations in Dallas.

In the last of our headlines, Tesla is rolling out a new feature called “Summon,” and as the name entails, owners will have the ability to “summon” their car to their location and it will essentially pick them up. Gone are the days where you have to run to your car in the pouring rain. This feature turns your phone into a remote control allowing you to drive your car to where you are, as long as it’s in your line of vision.

We then welcomed CEO of 503 Motoring, Tim Walbridge, in the studio. Walbridge is the host of our new series, Behind the Wheel.

“It’s simply me, a car and a co-pilot,” Walbridge said. “And we just cruise around talking about stuff, and it’s really been interesting … it’s just two humans interacting with this amazing machine.”

During our interview we made our dreams come true and brought on a very special guest, John Oates — from Hall and Oates — who is featured on episode two of Behind the Wheel. We talked about his new custom Porsche Emory 356, being on Behind the Wheel, and how Oates became to love cars.

For our final segment, we took it to DT New York where our Gaming Editor, Felicia Miranda, unboxed the brand new Hitman 2 Special Edition set. Boxed in a heavy-duty case, the set includes virtual reality-like glasses that allow you to watch movies and listen to music. The set is available to everyone on November 13. We also had Julian Chokkattu, our Mobile and Wearables Editor, who brought out the new Apple iPad Pro.

DT Daily airs at 9 a.m. PT from Monday through Friday, with highlights available on demand after the stream ends. For more information, check out the DT Live homepage, and be sure to watch live for the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, among other prizes.

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