DT Daily: Eve of CES 2015 brings a sneak peek at hot wearables, headphones and more

CES 2015 officially kicks off on Tuesday, but the fun started Sunday night for us at CES Unveiled.

The crowded media sneak peek showcased a variety of wearable devices, but our favorite was the Vert Jump Device. It’s a small motion sensor, about the size of a folded over stick of gum, that can precisely measure the wearer’s vertical leap and display it instantly on a small display. The Vert also streams data to laptops and smartphones. Don’t be surprised if you see real-time data from the Vert integrated into live sports broadcasts in the next few years.

Marshall showed off it’s Major 2 on-ear headphones as well, and at $100 it’s a quality set of no-frills cans. Soft leather earcups, a coiled cable, and a re-voiced sound signature make these stylish performers.

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, but that convenience is lost on your old set of loudspeakers … until now. The Griffin Twenty is a Bluetooth-enabled amp. Just wire in your speakers, connect, and enjoy. The Twenty conveniently delivers 20 watts per channel, and its sleek design fits in just about anywhere.

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