DT Daily: Facebook lets photo app slip, new games at E3, livin’ on a jet plane

Today on DT Daily: Facebook accidentally releases a new photo app, some cool new games from the E3 press day and one man’s home seats 155 people. Or at least it used to.

According to TechCunch, Facebook is close to releasing a new photo app called Slingshot that could take on SnapChat. How do we know that? Because Facebook said the app went public – accidentally.

Well, believe whatever you want but users in New Zealand, where the app apparently surfaced in the Apple app store, said it works much like snapchat, but with a twist. In order to see posts by other people, you have to send out your own post was well. You can also draw on and modify the photos, something SnapChat lets you do now. So when will Slingshot debut? The red-faced folks at Facebook could only say “pretty soon.”

E3 is under way and on Monday, DT’s on-site crew slogged through the blinding LA sunshine to one press reveal after another. Here are three reveals that impressed us: Halo, the Master Chief’s Collection should get your Xbox revved up. The release is a primer for Halo 5 Guardians, expected next year.

Tired of boring battlefield first person shooters? The folks at Dice and Visceral agree and have cooked up Battlefield: Hardline. This new game takes the gun battles to the streets of modern cities, and of course, you get to be the bad guy with cops in hot pursuit.  RPGs in the city? You bet.  

Assassins Creed: Unity is the latest update to the popular period piece, but now there’s a twist: You can form small teams to take on the aristocracy and built-in A.I. in the game means your actions can incite even crowd violence. The setting: the start of the French Revolution. Expect a release around Christmas.

Buying a house these days is a spendy proposition, but one man in Oregon has taken the unusual step of living in his airplane – a really big airplane. Engineer Bruce Campbell – no, not the Evil Dead Bruce Campbell – recently completed remodeling the interior of a retired Boeing 727, which sits on his property outside Portland. Back when it was flying, the jet seated 155 people, but Bruce has removed most of the seats and installed more first-class level accommodations.

One cool feature is the transparent floors, which show off the sturdy aircraft’s superstructure. Washer and dryer? Check. Landing lights? Of course! It pretty much has all the comforts of a regular home, except for the really tiny bathrooms.

Your host is Caleb Denison.

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