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DT Daily: Ferguson cops get cameras, Michael Bay gets Cosmic, Apple HQ drone flight

Today on DT Daily: Cops in Ferguson start using body cams, Michael Bay takes on an interesting new project, and a drone’s eye view of Apple’s spaceship.

Following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown that set off protests and street clashes in Ferguson, Missouri, many people have been asking where the police video of the incident is.

There isn’t any, apparently, and now, several groups have stepped forward to equip Ferguson’s police force with “body-worn video cameras,” small POV devices police wear that record their interactions while on duty. The cameras are essentially glorified cell phone cameras that police wear on their chest – or even on their glasses. They typically record a wide-angle view with audio.

Studies suggest that body-worn video cameras, or BWVs as they are known, tend to result in fewer complaints against police and more convictions of criminals, because, of course, everything is on video. It seems like a no-brainer for police to use them, but they’re not cheap, so many smaller departments don’t have them. Now, the police in Ferguson, do.

Michael Bay’s explosive style of directing is well known, so one of his latest projects has some people scratching their heads. Bay has apparently opted to make a movie based around Daniel Simon’s art book called Cosmic Motors. Of course, once you see what kind of motoring goes on, the Bay project makes more sense. Fans of sci-fi tech will probably line up to see these kinds of machines in action, no matter how thin the intergalactic plot line.

But, hey, there’s hope: word is Machete Kills screenwriter Kyle Ward is putting the script together and if anything, we’re sure Bay will come up with some reason to blow a lot of stuff up.

Ground-based pilots continue to deploy drones in increasing numbers, and one of the coolest bits of drone video we’ve seen so far is one showing Apple’s new campus construction project.

YouTube poster JMCMINN posted the video recently, and it really shows the massive scale of Apple’s circular new headquarters, which many have called “the Apple spaceship.” It’s a good description, since the bones of the giant round building so far look like, well, a giant spaceship taking form. Or Mos Eisly getting built. Or that ship from The Thing. The building will eventually hold about 14,000 of Apple’s astronauts – er, workers – and should open in 2016.

We hope to see more aerial updates as construction continues.

Your host today is Greg Nibler.

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