DT Daily: Google’s No-Captcha, 4K monitor worries, James Bond’s new wheels

Today on DT Daily: Google tries to outsmart itself, 4K displays will not make you go blind, and James Bond has a slick new set of wheels.

Anyone who’s ever signed up for… pretty much anything online has had to navigate a ‘captcha,’ that little box of distorted text and numbers designed to prove you’re a living, breathing human and not a cold, calculating spambot.

Problem is, those spambots have gotten smart, due in no small part to crafty human programmers, like those at Google, who now say they can defeat captchas pretty much at will. So what to do? Well, Google is launching No-Captcha, a new security system they say uses ‘risk analysis’ to determine who’s real, and who isn’t. First, you have to say you’re not a robot. Next, there may be a quick picture matching game to play – or even a captcha of some sort.

Google is rolling out No Captcha to major platforms like WordPress, Snapchat and others, so get ready to prove you’re not a spammer. Again.

The hot tech this holiday season is 4K TV, and the high-resolution display standard is also spilling over to computer monitors. But some people are saying the super-resolution LCD displays are creating eyestrain and headaches for computer users. So is that true?

DT’s computer editor Matt Smith took on the topic in his new column Kill All Pixels, and as it turns out, ophthalmologists generally agree that the higher the resolution of your monitor, the better it is for your eyes. Why? Text looks sharper, and at a certain point, the pixels are so small your brain can’t tell it’s not looking at real stuff. There’s more to it than that, so take a look at Matt’s column for tips on getting the most out of the new generation of monitors.

Hey Bond fans, circle November 6, 2015 on your calendar. That’s the date the 24th film in the 50-year old series debuts, and it got title and cast confirmations yesterday.

Daniel Craig will return as Agent 007 in the next film, simply called Spectre, and uber-actor Christoph Waltz will likely be the as-yet unnamed bad guy – who will probably go by the name ‘Blofeld.’ Bond girls will include Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci.

But the really big news? Bond will be behind the wheel of a sleek new Aston Martin, called the DB10. Will it have an ejection seat, smoke screen and bullet shield like the original DB5? We can only hope so.

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