DT Daily: GoPro goes 4K, BMW i8, retro FM radio in a jar

Today on DT Daily: GoPro goes 4K, we take the new BMW i8 to the track, and a retro radio you just can’t help but love.

If you follow our TV and video reviews here at DT, you know that 4K Ultra HD is the next big thing… until 8K becomes the next big thing, of course. But the problem is, there’s still not a lot of 4K stuff to watch. Solution? Shoot your own!

Adventure camera maker GoPro has just announced the new Hero 4 cameras, which will shoot in glorious 4K. And it will have another feature GoPro users have been asking for since… forever: an LCD video screen on the back. Even better news: it’ll be a touch screen. The camera will retain the familiar boxy shape so all your old GoPro accessories should still fit. So get out your wingsuit, wetsuit or longboard, and lets see some hi-rez 4K posts of your epic derring-do.

The Toyota Prius could be credited with sparking the hybrid electric car revolution. But it’s also a fairly mundane thing as cars go, and we’ve been waiting, very patiently, for someone to really harness the performance potential of a hybrid. And now, it looks like BMW has. DT automotive editor Nick Jaynes recently spent some seat time in BMW’s swoopy new i8 super-hybrid, which combines electric motorvation with a powerful three-cylinder gas engine.

His impressions? A very sweet car indeed, but not one without some… interesting issues. Check out his full report and video.

And finally, we’re all up to our ears, literally, with audio choice overload from Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio and so on. Sometimes, it seems like it would be nice to just turn on a simple, old-fashioned FM radio, right?

Well, these guys have heard your plea, and taken ‘simple’ to a whole new level. Called The Public Radio, it’s about as anti-choice and low-fi as it gets. But, we sorta love it for those qualities. Basically, it’s a single-station FM radio housed in a little mason jar. Really, the same kind of jar you’d pickle pickles in. You specify what radio station you want – admit it, you’ve got a favorite – and the Public Radio will arrive ready to play. Just turn the one knob for power and volume.

It even runs on good old double As for power. Why the jar? The developers say it makes it sounds better. Seems pretty simple – and it seems to have appeal. The kickstarter project was looking to raise 25 grand and they’ve more than doubled up that figure already. You can lock in your own Public Radio for a $48 dollar pledge.

Your host today is Caleb Denison.

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