DT Daily: Instagram Bolt app, another 105-inch TV, Ferrari 458 Spider review

Today on DT Daily: Instagram’s new app takes aim at Snapchat, LG gets into the mega-TV game and we go for a calm, quiet drive in a Ferrari. Well, not really.

Just how many ways are there to snap a photo and instantly send it to your besties? Well, quite a few, but the newest entry comes from pic sharing monster Instagram, in the form of the new Bolt app.

Bolt is taking aim at Snapchat and to some extent, parent company Facebook’s Slingshot app, but it has a few twists. There are no filter options to slow down your impulse to send that photo or video of your Earl Grey tea, and if you pull the trigger too soon on that anger photo, you can shake your phone just after sending and Bolt will unsend the image. That should come in handy for compulsive rage quitters.

Bolt is rolling out in New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore right now while the bugs are worked out, but we expect it to land stateside pretty soon.

We chatted up Samsung last week for the launch of their made-to-order, $120,000 105-inch curved 4K TV, and now LG is getting in the mega-TV game with their 105-inch curved 4K TV.

Like the Samsung, the LG has a super-wide screen with a 21-9 format and packs pretty much every tech trick in the book. And it looks like competition is a good thing as several outlets have estimated the price to be just under 120 grand, so all you bargain shoppers out there, take note. Also, the LG will include a 7 dot 2 surround sound system, while the Samsung makes do with some plain old built-in speakers. So, hey, what a deal, right?

For most of us, driving a Ferrari is just a dream that will probably go unrealized. But for DT automotive Editor Nick Jaynes, it’s a dream come true at last. Nick just wrapped up an extensive evaluation of a 558 horsepower 458 Spider, with plenty of time put in on the track and on the street, speeding tickets be damned. So does the 458 with the iconic red paint job and the cool retractable roof meet his dreamy expectations? Yeah, you might say that.

Check out Nick’s full review, including several great videos, right here. And please, buckle up while watching.

Your host today is Greg Nibler.

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