Forget the iPhone 7, next year’s smartphone from Apple will be one big screen

It’s Tuesday September 13th, and while smartphone reviewers are gushing over the new iPhone 7’s design and speed and whatnot… We’re already looking forward to next year when Apple will be releasing it’s 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. Yes, can you believe it? 10 years of the iPhone.

We’re not expecting anything nearly as revolutionary or entertaining as Steve Jobs’ original iPhone launch presentation, but rumors are that Jony Ive will conjure up a device where the entire front of the phone is a screen. No home button, speaker or FaceTime camera, instead it’ll sport an edge-to edge OLED screen with a virtual button built in.

So what will apple call this? The iPhone 7S doesn’t sound right… Maybe the iPhone 10? iPhone X? Or will they dump the phone name altogether?

Twitter’s somewhat archaic 140 character limit will soon be a thing of the past… sort of. Starting next Monday, links of any type will not be counted toward the 140 character limit. This will free up tweeters to not only type more words into their posts, but URL shorteners won’t be an essential tool anymore.

Don’t expect Twitter to go beyond this and up the character limit anytime soon. They still love the constraint and the creativity it inspires.

Do you fancy yourself an iPhoneographer? Now you can make money snapping pics, with your phone, thanks to an app called PhotoSesh Light. It’s like Uber for photographers. People who want their photo taken place a request in the app, and nearby photographers have the option of accepting the job.

It costs 20 bucks an hour for an iPhoneographer, which is pretty cheap. And considering the service is for professionals, customers ‘should’ get better pictures than what an average passerby can muster up. Let’s hope.

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