DT Daily: PlayStation 5 rumors, Kroger food robots, and the future of A.I.

Today on DT Daily, we discussed PlayStation 5 rumors, which include a possible release date, as well as the future of warehouse automation, and a new virtual assistant that strives to have a bigger place in your life.

There has been lots of speculation over the years regarding Sony’s next-generation gaming console. While a new and improved PlayStation system seems inevitable, the specifics of it aren’t clear. However, according to a Reddit user, an announcement for the PlayStation 5 is set to be unveiled in 2019, with a release date of either March or November 2020.

While it might seem a bit strange to put so much stock into something a rando on the internet said, RuthenicCookie already correctly claimed that Sony would not be attending the next E3, which turned out to be true. That, coupled with the fact that 2020 would mark the seventh year since the launch of the PlayStation 4, actually makes some sense.

We also discussed the future of warehouse automation, particularly in regards to grocery store giant Kroger. In an effort to better compete with companies like Amazon and Walmart, Kroger has partnered with U.K.-based Ocado Group PLC to create a robotic warehouse in Cincinnati.

With more than 20 high-tech facilities slated to open in the next few years, the company’s newest machines — which can put together a 50-item grocery list in as little as five minutes — is making strides to potentially slash labor costs and find new ways to get products directly to customer’s doorsteps.

Another company pushing the boundaries of existing technology is Microsoft, with its latest artificial intelligence project, Xiaoice (pronounced “Shao-ice”). What makes Xiaoice different from existing virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa is that it aims to anticipate your needs and requests rather than answer basic questions.

We also sat down with the CEO and founder of Blockchain Development Eric Lamison-White to discuss how he received a patent for Stablecoin, a type of cryptocurrency that aims to overcome the volatility of the industry.

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