DT Daily: Microsoft buys Minecraft, electric race car crash, iPhone 6 sells out

Today on DT Daily: Microsoft sweeps up Minecraft, the first electric car race has an electrifying ending, and do you want an iPhone 6? Then you better get in line.

In 2009, Markus Perrson uploaded the alpha version of kooky little video game he designed and set in motion a revolution in what people – and the video game industry itself – expect from a game, and the people who make them.

That game was Minecraft, of course, and after  six years of truly explosive growth and user-led development, the project has now moved to the a new phase now that Microsoft has bought Mojang, the development core of Minecraft. The $2.5 billion price tag isn’t even the biggest news; fans of the game are more concerned about Persson and other Minecraft principals leaving with their bags of money to do other things – and not work more on Minecraft.

Not to worry, says Microsoft. They say the user-fueled development of the blocky, quirky game will live on and all platforms will be supported. So hey, Minecrafters, get back to work on those roller coasters and other incredible projects. It’s OK… we hope.

With electric cars gaining in popularity, it only makes sense that electric car racing would eventually get started, and over the weekend, it did, in a big way.

The premiere league is called Formula E – clever, that – and the first big race was on the streets of Beijing, China. All of the drivers hopped into identical Indy-car style e-machines, so it was a real test of driving skills – or the lack thereof, judging by the end of the race. Formula One veteran Nick Heidfeld was charging for the checkered flag when Nic Prost turned in a bit early – and sent Heidfeld flying down the course in a terrifying flight of destruction.

Lucas Di-Grassi, who was in third place, swept in for the inaugural victory, and Heidfeld walked away from the crash unhurt. Good times! Next year, carmakers will be entering cars of their own design, so expect some trick rigs in this most unusual new form of competition.

The new iPhone 6 is up for pre-order and some trends are beginning to firm up. First off – it’s popular, with 4-million preorders in the first 24 hours – that’s a new record, says Apple.

Another revelation: people apparently love big phones, as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is far and away the most popular of the two models and is now sold out. More 6-plus units should arrive in a few weeks. Both phones hit Apple and carrier stores on Friday, but if you want one, yep, you better get in line – and right now might be a good time to queue up.

Your host today is Caleb Denison

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