DT Daily: Minority Report-ish display, TV station in a box, wearable tech voting

Today on DT Daily: Another step closer to that Minority Report display tech, own your own TV station on the cheap and we want you to vote on some pretty trick wearable tech.

Ever since the movie Minority Report teased us with a swank holographic computer display system in 2002, geeks have been jonesing for a real operating system just like it, and now, it may have finally arrived.

It’s called the Leah Display System, perhaps named after a certain Star Wars scene you might be familiar with, and it works by projecting video images into a sheet of water vapor generated by a fog machine type of device. Once up and running, users can move and manipulate objects, and it can track and interact with real-time movement. And yes, you can walk through it. It’s not Tom Cruise-worthy just yet, but it’s getting pretty close.

The developers say they hope to have a 3D version of the system up and running soon, but you can get the 2D version right now.

Ever wanted to produce your own news program, but wanted it to look a bit better than Wayne and Garth’s cable access show? All you need now is this: the NewTek TriCaster Mini TV station in a box, and an Internet connection.

Essentially a portable TV station feed switcher and effects package in a tiny little box, the TriCaster teams up with consumer HD cameras, laptops, simple lighting and a green screen to produce a professional-looking program you really could make in your basement. It stores 45 hours of video and setup is quick – five minutes or so, says NewTek.

It costs between $5,000 and $8,000 but that’s a pittance when you compare it to a single broadcast HD camera, which can top $30,000 or more. And if the price tag is still too steep, no worries – you can also rent it.

Wearable technology is quickly becoming the next big thing, and beyond smartwatches and fitness bands, we’re always on the lookout for an inventive approach to portable tech. So in partnership with Nike, Intel, and Project Runway, we’re hosting the Wearable Technology Fashion Competition, and we want your vote on these three contenders: First, the sleek Q-Bracelet, a unisex bracelet that actually houses enough juice to recharge your smartphone.

Then there’s the somewhat oddly named Killers Suit, an OLED-embeded shirt that changes colors according to noises around it – it has 18 microphones built in. And there’s also this otherwise stylish handbag called the 314, which can recharge your phone 14 times and also adds interior lighting among other features. There’s even an app for it. Pick a favorite and go here to cast your vote. We’ll total them up and pick a winner at the end of the day today, so check back on Friday for the winner.

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