DT Daily: Neptune smartwatch, Dubai time lapse, Apple and Star Wars

Today on DT Daily: an unusual new smartwatch, a whirlwind tour of Dubai, and just who thought up that controversial lightsaber? The answer may surprise you.

Is the Apple Watch out yet? No? Well, until that heavy shoe drops on the smartwatch world, we’re tracking all the other players, and we just got a close-up look at the unusual Neptune Duo. What’s unusual? It doesn’t need to pair to a smartphone… sort of.

Brit filmmaker Rob Whitworth is knows as the master of time-lapse, and for good reason. Just check out his latest city-centric feature, simply called “Dubai.” It’s a high-speed tour of the desert metropolis and we recommend watching it on as big a screen as possible.

The interwebs are buzzing after a wide-ranging interview with Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive appeared in the New Yorker magazine. Among the many revelations: Ive and current Star Wars movie director J.J. Abrahms are buddies, and during at least one chat, Ive may have helped change up the design of the iconic lightsaber. Was alcohol involved?

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