DT Daily: New Nexus tablet rumors, 360-degree surfing, giant hamster wheel desk

Today on DT Daily: A new HTC Nexus tablet could be out very soon, a surfer uses a virtual reality camera to show us what it’s really like inside a big wave, and a human-sized hamster wheel is here to make office life even more repetitive.

Rumors continue to gather surrounding a new Nexus Android tablet, this time with a 9-inch screen, and it could be coming in the very near future.

According to the latest reports, HTC is building the device, and engineers from the firm have been collaborating with Google on the project for the past few months. HTC built the first Nexus phone, but hasn’t worked with Google since, nor has it had much success with tablets either. That could change with the Nexus 9 though, which may replace the popular Nexus 7, and use Nvidia’s powerful Tegra K1 processor.

But it’s the introduction of Android L, which will give a new look to the operating system, which could end up making the Nexus 9 more inviting. There’s no official launch date for the HTC tablet just yet, but we’re expecting to hear more

Want to find out if surfing really is “100 percent pure adrenalin,” just like Point Break told us it was? Surfer Mark Mathews now gives you the chance. He took on a huge wave in Australia – while holding a waterproof virtual reality camera. Designed to be viewed with a VR headset, but stitched together as a dramatic 360-degree, 35-second thrill ride for us to enjoy; the footage is the first of its kind, and gives us a unique view into what makes surfing so exciting. Oh, and dangerous too! Just check out the other surfer seen flying over Mathews’ head as he loses his fight against the water. Mathews hopes seeing first hand what it’s like to surf such massive waves will make more people take up the sport, but we think it may put off as many people as it attracts.

Finally, the human race is turning to hamsters to help guide us towards a more healthy, prosperous future. An artist at Autodesk’s Pier 9 workshop has come up with a human-sized version of the hamster wheel, and by combining it with a standing desk, it could help office staff be more active during the day. Or, depending on how you look at it, trudging around the wheel for eight hours a day could just make office life even more repetitive and directionless.

OK, own up hamsters, this is payback, isn’t it? Luckily, the human hamster wheel isn’t about to go into production, and those who assembled it don’t seem to be taking it very seriously, having filed their YouTube video showing it in action under “Comedy.” Sadly, standing desks attached to actual treadmills are already available to make sure we never stop working.

Your host today is Greg Nibler

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