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DT Daily: NSA hacks SIM cards, Arkham Knight peek, FCC rules on Net Neutrality

Today on DT Daily: A newly revealed NSA hack is particularly frightening, Batman needs your help to clean up Gotham City, and it’s voting day on net neutrality for the FCC.

Revelations from Edward Snowden’s massive data dump continues to reveal unsavory tactics by U.S. and other intelligence agencies. Now comes word the NSA and the Brits hacked cell phones at one of the most basic levelsHere’s what they did.

As you know, Gotham City, the home of Batman, is crawling with colorful criminals, none of which can take the Dark Knight down alone. But together? Well, that’s a different story. 

It’s voting day on Net Neutrality for the FCC, and while a Title II designation for the Internets appears to be a lock to pass, it appears the FCC’s decision today will be far from the final word on the matter.  We’ve got some explainers for this somewhat complicated issue, but trust us when we say it’s important for you to know what’s at stake and how you’re affected, because you will be affected by today’s decision.

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