DT Daily: Over-the-top RV, in-car HUD, cell phone calls on flights?

Today on DT Daily: An RV for the .1 percent, a cool heads-up display for your car, and is in-flight cell service coming to air travel? We sure hope not.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your RV after fixing that old awning on your Mini-Winnie with some duct tape, again, you might want to check out a little number called the EleMMent Palazzo.

And what an RV the EleMMent – yes, spelled EleMMent – is. For just $3,000,000, you too can be the envy of the KOA with a pop-up rooftop terrace and cocktail lounge, a fireplace, master bedroom with its own bathroom, and underfloor heating. Tip-outs? Yes, it has monster tip-outs. It can also rack up tickets from bewildered cops as you blow by them at over 90 miles an hour in what looks like a neon-trimmed alien spacecraft on wheels.

Thinks it’s just a concept? It’s not, because according to BoldRide, Australian RV maker Marchi Mobile just sold one to a customer in… Dubai, of course.

If you can’t bring yourself to part with your old Volvo 240 but would like to add a dose of modern tech, check out this new heads-up display system from startup Navdy.

Sure, it shows navigation maps like other heads-up displays, but it’s actually designed to reduce distracted driving. Paired with an anrdroid or iOS phone, Navdy can field phone calls, read and send text messages, share your location, play music and more. It also responds to gestures. The developers say Navdy is based on aviation technology and projects an image ahead of the driver so eyes stay on the road, not on phone screens.

Navdy is running their own pre-order campaign and you can score an early unit for $300 bucks right now. Wait too long and it’ll cost you $500, so check it out.

Now that airlines have relaxed rules about using our tech during flights, it seems only natural that we should be able to make phone calls as well, right? Wrong.

In a move that frequent fliers and flight crews reportedly whole-heartedly support, the Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. Department of Transportation is moving closer to banning all in-flight phone calls. Why? Likely for the simple reason that other passengers will likely try to choke out that chatty Cathy who loudly blathers away as you soar over Cleveland – or as the DOT politely calls it, ‘the disruptive effects of voice calls’ during flights.

So what about texting? The DOT will likely allow that when they make the new rules, which could come down soon. Texting? Yeah, we can live with that.

Your host today is Caleb Denison. Watch more episodes of DT Daily here.

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