DT Daily: Radio Shack signs off, it’s movie night, and Google teams with Mattel

Today on DT Daily: It’s lights out for Radio Shack, the Matrix team returns to the big screen, and what are Google and Mattel up to?

In what seems like a long and sadly overdue announcement, the iconic electronics chain Radio Shack has filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy.

Once a literal temple for electronics hobbyists, CB radio lovers, early computer enthusiasts and knob twisters of every stripe, Radio Shack was founded 94 years ago. But, the Shack didn’t quite get on board with the Internet age, so now about half the stores will convert to Sprint locations with Radio Shack’s diminished offerings stashed in a far corner. The rest of the 2,400 locations will close.

It’s Friday, and that means it’s movie night. Take your choice between Jeff Bridges medieval Dude slurring his lines in The Seventh Son, or take the red pill – lots of them – and prepare yourself for the Wachowski team’s new sci-fi epic, Jupiter Ascending.

Google Glass is gone, so what’s the next supertoy the Silicon valley behemoth might unleash? How about a new View-Master? Crazy, right? Maybe not. Mattel recently issued an invite featuring the iconic Viewmaster photo disc, a “view what’s possible” tag line, and Google’s logo next to Mattel’s at the bottom. Whatever they’re up to will be unveiled next Friday, just one day before the big Toy Fair in New York City.

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