DT Daily: Ridley Scott’s Exodus epic, SF to get some wifi, Elon Musk’s teaser tweet

Today on DT Daily: Ridley Scott leads the Egyptians into the digital desert, the City by the Bay gets some free wifi, and Elon Musk is such a tease!

Hey, it’s Friday and that means its movie night for a lot of people, and we wanted to pass along some first looks at Exodus: Gods and Men, Ridley Scott’s upcoming epic about the story of Moses.

The Bible-based swords and sandals story has Christian Bale in the lead as the would-be king turned leader of the enslaved Egyptians. Ben Kingsly and Ridley Scott mainstay Sigourney Weaver help round out the cast. This being a Scott film, you can expect it to look amazing, and some behind-the-scenes videos show how they filled in the cast of thousands – digitally. The movie opens in December, so hit this link for the full trailer and this one for some making-of videos.

When wifi became a big thing years ago, many cities and business thought the next logical step would be to blanket cities with wifi nodes so everyone could get online. Well… easier said than done.

But now, Google is helping San Francisco edge closer to that tech ideal with a $600,000 investment in a new public wifi system. The funds will help set up wifi hotspots in over 30 public locations around the city and also help pay for maintenance.

But will it be fast enough to stream Netflix? Eh, probably not.

We can’t quite decide if Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk is a future Bond supervillain, or just a really good pitchman with engineering chops. Case in point: Wednesday night’s cryptic tweet, which hinted at an October 9th reveal of something he called “D”, along with a teaser photo of a car, or at least the front part of a car.

What? A secret new model? And here we thought the Model X was the next big thing! The interwebs are abuzz with what this mysterious D might be – and the “something else” he also hinted at. Could it be an all-wheel “D for Drive” Model S variation? Or could the D be for “Distance” – as in an extended range version of the Model S?

Tune in Next Thursday for the big reveal.

Your host today is Jillian Rabe.

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