DT Daily: Samsung heist, Google’s AI efforts, self-powered roller skates

Today on DT Daily: Samsung gets the Goodfellas treatment, Google sets their sights on artificial intelligence, and you know what you need this summer? Rocket skates!

Remember that scene in Goodfellas where the mobsters lift tons of cash from an airport storage locker and no one bats an eye? Well, Samsung just got nicked in the same way – but supersized.

ZD Net reports 20 guys with sub machine guns rolled into a Samsung plant outside of Sau Paulo and made off with about $38 million in tech products, most of which will likely be headed to black markets. Samsung later said the value of good stolen was much lower. And this was no 3 a.m. smash and grab operation. The gunmen were reportedly at the factory for three hours loading up their ill-gotten goods while hundreds of factory workers went about work as usual.

No shots were fired and investigators said they think this might be an inside job.

Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are big on AI and say the company is working to make thinking, reasoning machines that can do things better than humans can. They recently talked at length about AI tech, Google’s history and other topics with venture capitol icon Vinod Khosla in a recent interview now posted on YouTube.

Perhaps the bigger news is that the Google guys say AI the company has developed so far is already being used in some capacities, especially their self-driving car initiative. So what’s the future of AI? On the scary side, AI-driven tech, such as robotics, will probably end up taking a lot of human jobs. On the plus side, AI will likely bring solutions to many human problems and according to Page, could bring an “age of abundance” and better health for people.

Electrically powered skateboards are getting pretty common, what the world really needs, of course, are powered roller skates. So Rocket Skates to the rescue – and while the kickstarter project has a great name, were sorry to inform you that the skates are electrically powered, and are not actually from the ACME company.

While not roller skates in the classic sense, the Acton Rocket Skates design does allow you to use your feet to clear obstacles, such as steps and such. The rocket skates are a follow up to Acton’s SpinKix skates. The difference here is there’s no remote control but there is an app to track your routes and contact other skaters. You also get started a bit differently and the new skates have more range. Top speed is about 10 miles an hour.

The Rocket Skates kickstarter project just posted, so if you want to get an early pair, get ready to pledge between $4oo and $6oo depending on how much range you want your super skates to have. Just think Wiley, you may get that roadrunner yet.

Or, maybe not.

And that’s DT Daily for today, we’ll see you tomorrow

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