DT Daily: Samsung’s rap report, The Who go VR, fitness tracking earrings

Today on DT Daily: Samsung’s raps an annual report, The Who embrace virtual reality, and at long last, fitness-tracking earrings

Companies love to talk about how progressive, worker friendly and green they are, but usually in the form of some boring report issued once a year that everyone pretty much ignores. But not Korean electronics giant Samsung.

Rather than cure insomnia with a hyperbolic missive from the PR department, Samsung hooked up with Korean rapper Mad Clown and let him pick out the best parts to flow with. The tune was accompanied by this rather perfunctory animation, and we’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is effective corporate marketing, or an epic failure. With lyrics like “Samsung, we 280 thousand humans,” you can guess which way we’re leaning.

Now if they’d just gotten Iggy Azalea, T.I. or Wiz Khalifa to rap the report, the results could have been spectacular, but probably not safe for work.

Ever wanted to wander around a teenage wasteland? No, we’re not talking about the local mall, we mean rock icon The Who’s new virtual reality app for the Oculus Rift.

That’s right, the iconic Brit rockers best known for the rock opera Tommy and hits like Pinball Wizard, My Generation and Babba O’Reilly, are hitting their 50th anniversary. One project is a virtual reality app meant to accompany their greatest hits compilation album that came out in October. So why the push for VR? Well, lead singer Roger Daltry’s son is the creative director at Immersive, who put together the app, of course.

It looks cool, but were sure they’re not trying to cause a big sensation…

Fitness bands are so common now we’re almost expecting to find them in our boxes of cereal, but one kickstarter campaign has our attention because they’re packing the tech into earrings instead.

Hopefully they’ll work on the name but for now the devices are called the “Ear-O-Smart.” The fashionable fitness accessories hook up to an app or course, and track heart rate, activity levels, calorie intake and more. Since earrings are more of a personal fashion accessory than a fitness band or smart watch, backers can also get a DIY kit so you can customize the appearance of the device to your personal taste. So go ahead, stick some 3-carat solitaires on the things.

Ear-O-Smart is trying to raise $30,000 Canadian dollars and they just posted up, so if you want in, you can get an early bird release for a $125 pledge.

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