DT Daily: Smartwatch reads your iris, 707hp Dodge Hellcat, POTA short films

Today on DT Daily: Another day, another smartwatch debuts, but this one has a twist, Dodge unleashes a snarling feline, and three short films fill in the night before Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Smartwatches are literally coming out of our ears, but a model due to pop up soon on Indiegogo comes with a neat tech twist: it can read your eye’s iris rather than use a password for security.

That’s right, the FiDELYS smartwatch’s camera stares deep into your soul… to determine if you’re the person who should be operating it. So forget passwords, fingerprint ID and other apparently easily hackable security measures. Since no two eyeballs are alike in the world, counterfeiting the iris is likely impossible. Supposedly.

The FiDELYS  doesn’t feature a touchscreen, instead using a rotating bezel to switch between applications, which includes heath monitoring, data privacy and other smartwatch functions. We hear it even tells time. So how much? Looks like $200 if you get in on the early bird backing, and the FiDELYS  will likely retail for about $250 if it can raise funding needed for production.

The muscle car is back, and in a big, big way. Recently, the folks over at Dodge announced that the upcoming Hellcat version of their popular Challenger hot rod would have over 600 horsepower. Well, they lied – sort of.  On Monday, Dodge posted a short video full of sound and fury signifying the Hellcat will have over 700 horsepower – 707 to be exact. That’s more than some snooty supercars, including the latest Lamborghini!

So when can you put the pedal to the metal and leave your neighbor’s Porsche in the dust? Later this year, and for a lot less than that new Lamborghini.

In a smart move, 20th Century fox has commissioned some junior filmmakers to create three short features about the fall of mankind that leads up to events depicted in the upcoming movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

We say smart move because the three short films are great and are must-see material if you plan on seeing the feature film, which opens in about a week. The films take place one, five and ten years after the events in the previous film, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Simian flu has decimated humanity, and each film shows what human survivors are reduced to in order to survive.

It’s not pretty, and really, it’s a good showcase of what might happen if any kind of worldwide pandemic were to strike humanity, let alone one that involved revenge-minded talking apes. The movie opens July 11th and you can see all three short films here.

Your host today is Caleb Denison.

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