DT Daily: Snowden’s Wired interview, super-techno RV, LED shower speaker

Today on DT Daily: Edward Snowden speaks out, one man’s space-ship like RV and taking singing in the shower to the next level.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who is now holed up somewhere in Moscow, is either a traitor or a hero, depending on who you talk to.

But in a lengthy interview for Wired magazine, which features a very provocative cover photo by noted photographer Platon, Snowden makes his case that making public what he felt were the NSAs misdeeds, especially when it came to domestic surveillance, were in the country’s best interest. Also revealed in the Wired article: Snowden say there is an automated cyberwarfare detection and counter-attack system called MonsterMind.

Another revelation: NSA shenanigans once accidentally bricked a key server in Syria, which took the whole country off the Internet. No matter what you think of Snowden, it’s a compelling interview, and you can read it now at the link below.

For many people, a nice old Westie is all they need for their next extended roadtrip. For others, well, more is apparently better.

What you see here is the KiraVan, a highly reworked Mercedes-Benz Unimog so heavily techified it would make a NASA engineer blush. Really, it’s like a space ship on wheels. And unlike the glitzy Elemment Palazzo we recently featured, the KiraVan will likely get dirty, thanks to a six-wheel drive system and 46-inch tires. The inside looks like a cross between an IKEA shopping spree and a TV network’s remote truck. It also has a 2,000 mile fuel range.

Built by Bran Ferren of Applied Minds, the KiraVan is a father’s gift to his daughter – Kira – whom he says will explore the world with him in this highest-tech land yacht. Aw, what a nice dad!

Are you still showering in blissful silence? Why? Banish that meditative morning ritual and get some work done already! Now you can, with this, the Shower Speaker.

Sure, there are other Bluetooth shower speakers on the market, but nothing quite like this thing. Creator Anthony Rumeo says his shower speaker’s 3-watt driver sounds way better than the competition, and it also includes these swell LED lights that change color depending on the water temperature. Yep, it even has microphones, so you never have to miss another call from the boss during your soapy duet of Fly Me to the Moon.

Installation is a breeze, too, since the device is completely wireless. Early adopter units for $75 and $89 are going fast, and Rumeo hopes to retail the shower speaker for $139.99. So when is someone going to invent the disco ball showerhead? We can only hope.

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