DT Daily: Sony PlayStation TV, Star Wars: Battlefront, high-tech bling ring

On DT Daily today: Sony gets their game on with a streaming box, Star Wars game designers go the distance and hey, that ring you’re wearing… is ringing.

After revealing a slew of titles for the PlayStation 4, Sony has announced some new hardware that can extend the console’s range and bring even more gaming to your TV.

Called the PlayStation TV, the $99 device works pretty much like other streaming boxes and also allows users to stream their PS4 action to another TV in the house. Perhaps most interesting is the backward compatibility it gives Sony fans. Users can play Vita, PS1, and PSP games and Sony says over 1,000 games will be available when the PlayStation TV launches – although that date has not yet been set, but before the holidays is probably a good bet.

For $140, Sony will also offer a PlayStation TV bundle which includes a DualShock 3 controller, 8GB memory card, an HDMI cable and a copy of LEGO Movie: The Video Game.

If you’re a Star Wars video game developer, expectations for getting even the smallest details right are extremely high, lest you cause a disturbance in the Force.

That’s why the DICE game designers cooking up Star Wars: Battlefront took a field trip to the saga’s Mecca, also known as the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, where many of the original models used in the first three films are stored. They even went to where the first movies were filmed, including deserts, forests and some very cold locations. Now that’s dedication, and it looks like it might pay off as this early gaming footage looks fantastic.

Star Wars Battlefront is still in development and will likely come out in 2015.

Ladies, don’t you hate it when you miss that important phone call, text or calendar reminder because your phone is in your handbag, ringing away and you can’t hear it or feel it buzzing? The folks at Ringly feel your pain and they’ve come up with a selection of four Bluetooth-connected rings that vibrate or light up when that important call or message comes in.

The rings, which we must say look pretty nice, are controlled by an app and Ringly says they will go two days on a charge. To juice them back up, just put them back in the little box they came in. Price? $145 if you get in on the early-bird offering, and Ringly says they should ship this fall. And hey Ringly, don’t forget us fellas! When are the vibrating gold medallions gonna hit?

And that’s DT Daily for today, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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