DT Daily: Star Wars Eps VIII and IX, MKX Super Bowl faceoff, FAA warns drone pilots

Today on DT Daily: Star Wars gets an extended schedule, Marshawn Lynch and Gronk do a little pre-game fighting, and for some reason, the FAA doesn’t want you to fly your drone over the Super bowl.

We know some of you are already in line for the December opening of The Force Awakens, and now you have even more reasons to keep living in your Coleman tent outside the Cineplex.

In a phone call, Disney CEO and keeper of the primary supply of Star Wars force nuggets, Bob Iger, told stockholders recently that Episode Eight and Nine are going to be hitting theaters in December of 2017 and 2019 respectively. And that’s just two of the many, many Star Wars movies Disney no doubt has planned. So is every two years too much Star Wars? Is there such a thing as too much Star Wars? We don’t think so.

In case you needed a reminder, it’s Friday, and while that’s great on its own, it’s also the Friday before the Super Bowl, so if you’re already on the couch watch the pre-pre-pre game shows, well, we’ll give you a pass. But do be sure to check out a clip of the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch the Patriots’ Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski getting their aggressions out with a round of Mortal Kombat X. Funnyman Conon O’Brien hosted the video faceoff.

So who wins? Who cares! The fun in this video super bowl is mostly just listening to what comes out of Marshawn Lynches mouth. Mr. “no comment?” No, he’s got LOTS of comments.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, we’re sure you’re familiar with the latest spate of drone-based shenanigans, like crashing into the White House lawn and these guys strapping roman candles to their quadcopter. That was kinda cool, actually.

Anyway, a short video message surfaced Wednesday from the FAA telling drone pilots to keep their flying buzzsaws at least 30 miles from the University of Phoenix stadium from 3 til midnight on Sunday. I mean, what could happen – except maybe a larger-scale repeat of this huge brawl at a soccer game when someone used a drone to fly a politically infamatory banner into a soccer game. That would never happen, we’re sure…

So the FAA has made the area a “No Drone Zone,” which, of course, makes it the hottest target possible for rebellious drone pilots. Our advice? Just put the controller down and enjoy the game.

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